Ergonomics & Safety

Ergonomics & Safety

Guaranteeing reliable warehouse equipment is one of our core values. Setting new standards in ergonomics and safety, Modula moves towards labor safety perfectly reflected in vertical lifting technologies. Our products are designed and built to be safe and ergonomic.

All Modula vertical carousel equipment is TÜV-GS certified featuring all modern safety protections. Our products are equipped with physical safety barriers and light curtains that make the operator’s workstation 100% safe. One of the basic safety features is that operators no longer need to climb nor stretch putting themselves in dangerous positions. The basis of operator’s safety is already provided in pure design of the machine.

Modula brings goods to the operator at the correct height and under optimal lighting conditions ensuring essentials operational safety for people working with the equipment. Picking bay is placed on a correct height with particular precision and attention to ergonomics that make the operator’s life easier and more productive.

Enhanced ergonomics ultimately leads to reduction in strains especially for heavy goods, making vertical carousel construction a perfect risk-free solution. There is no more need to bend over and lift weights: the machine does this work. One more ergonomic enhancement is the touchscreen console sliding along the length of the tray while the operator keeps an eye on all aspects of picking operations.

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