Time Saving

Time Saving

Improving your warehouse facility with a vertical lift technology we create opportunities to save time and increase overall efficiency of your logistic system. Choosing a vertical carousel solution you will discover plenty of benefits in terms of time and productivity.

Stored goods become more accessible and operators no longer need to walk through the warehouse to perform operations of picking.

Following the “goods-to-man” principle, an operator remains in front of the automated storage system and the parts are delivered right to his hands at the ergonomically correct height. The same principle means that the search of spare parts and smaller items becomes much faster and more accurate: parts are delivered directly into the illuminated picking bay for better traceability.

Operators can be interchangeable while Modula warehouse can inform you about the presence or absence of requested goods at the same time facilitating their location thanks to advanced accounting and management features.

Suitable for any operational conditions, our vertical carousel solutions will help to optimize time and space in your warehouse. Contact us to get more information on advantages of Modula products.

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