WMS Software Solution

WMS Software Solution

We tapped into most successful warehouse software practices to develop warehouse management that perfectly suits modern needs and reflects the benefits of our hardware.

Our software team designed and built Modula WMS, vertical stock management software to optimize the performance of automated vertical carousels, including a stand-alone solution for traditional warehouses.
Module WMS:

  • improves warehouse management, efficiency and precision
  • automates many warehouse processes and reduces paper prints
  • streamlines general logistic procedures and improves micromanagement
  • precise management within the set time limits
  • provides total traceability of picking operations.

Modula WMS offers extended opportunities of configuration and customization, vertical warehouse management software is available in several packages with different licensing types and various software modules that can meet any application's needs.
Our software includes a graphical tool to map the layout of trays and their compartments. It can be easily integrated with any ERP system including SAP, Oracle and many more.

Modula WMS developed into ultimate and effective tool for warehouse management of any complexity. Easy-to-use, flexible and universal it will perfectly feet Modula vertical carousels as well as standard warehouses. Contact us to learn detailed information about WMS and find optimal software solutions for your warehouse

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