Packaging is a key element for every product, from foods, to cosmetics, to pharmaceuticals: its purpose is to better store a product and extend its shelf-life, that is, to preserve it longer; it is a vehicle for marketing messages, and, above all, it is essential for storing and transporting products.

Purchases of goods in the e-commerce sector is growing

As we all know, purchases are increasingly globalised and online.

To ensure the consumer receives optimal service, and so the vendor can perfectly manage their goods, it’s obvious how important it is to use:

  • labels, to provide all the necessary information (ingredients, in the case of foods, manufacturing location for any item, etc.)
  • packaging, to store the product
  • packing suitable for transportation

From the comfort of our couch at home, thousands of miles away, we can purchase anything we want with just a click. For this to be possible, packing and packaging in general play an absolutely crucial role.

With the increase in online sales, the direct consequences for those who operate in the packaging sector are varied: from those in charge of industrial packaging, wrapping and protecting the product, to those who make the labels and machines for the packing. Each is required to put forth considerable effort in terms of innovation, efficiency, quality and timeliness.

Modula automatic warehouses selected by companies who make packages, packaging and labels

Modula warehouses can be added to the production process, whether in terms of actual packages and packaging, or packaging machines, to strategically improve their efficiency and productivity.

The many companies who handle industrial packaging, labels, and application machines and who have chosen Modula have seen significant improvements in production efficiency, customer satisfaction, competitiveness, cost reduction and increased turnover.

Why choose a Modula automatic warehouse in the packaging sector?

These are the advantages the Modula vertical warehouses can bring to the packaging sector:

  • More efficient warehouse management: find labels with a click
    Managing the warehouse with precision is a daunting and complex task, especially with numerous parts like in the packaging sector. Indeed, we must always have reliable information on unsold stock and procurement times available to start production of various items in order to avoid downtime due to lack of materials.
    Finding labels with one click instead of finding the packing material, or stopping the production process, is a great advantage in terms of efficiency.
  • Save 90% of floor space
    The items a packaging sector company has in its warehouse are truly countless. The storage space required to house small and medium-sized items is quite large indeed. With the Modula automatic warehouses, you can stock and store large quantities of small parts, work tools and equipment taking advantage of all the vertical space available, up to 16 metres.
  • Save time and faster picking speed
    How much time do you waste looking for equipment and small parts which have been replaced in the wrong place or scattered throughout the warehouse? With the Modula warehouse, this is no longer a problem thanks to the Modula WMS Warehouse Management Software that memorises how many of the individual items are stored in the warehouse. Next to the delivery level, there is a touchscreen operator interface (Copilot) for quick and easy access to the machine. To get a product, simply select the desired item on the Copilot console, and the tray will appear with that item at the delivery level just a few seconds later. It’s easy to see how this not only allows you to eliminate all the time wasted looking for a specific product within the facility, it also allows you to fast track picking.
  • Economic savings
    Poor organisation within the warehouse can lead to unnecessary purchases of nails, screws, rivets and work tools that were either lost or no one knew where they ended up. Modula warehouses are so well-organised you can locate raw materials, finished products and all ancillary production tools any time you want to. With Modula, you can reduce waste down to zero.

So how do we improve the performance of companies in the packaging sector?

Efficiency, innovation, safety and timeliness are values and goals that strongly impact logistics, and we can attain them with continuous improvement projects and by tailoring technical innovation. Modula’s vertical warehouses often play the leading role in these projects of modernisation and improvement of production processes.

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