Modula Warehouse Management System for the Aluminium, Steel and Siderurgical industry

Storing aluminium or steel components, what are the problems?

Companies operating in the iron & steel industry or in the production of aluminium or steel components often need to store products of very different sizes and volumes in their warehouses. Selective picking of goods of different sizes, more efficient circulation of materials and rapid preparation of orders for delivery to customers are the musts for this industry. Businesses dealing with hundreds of orders every day need to know exactly where a specific product is, in order to ship the order in the shortest possible time.

Floor space savings and guaranteed traceability with the Modula automated warehouse

Modula automated vertical warehouses have the undeniable advantage of being able to handle products of various weights and lengths efficiently. When an automated vertical warehouse is adopted, the advantages in terms of the optimisation of available space and simplification of stock movements will be immediate, and these activities will be faster and safe every time. Each tray has a payload of 990 kg and thus an individual warehouse guarantees a payload of a massive 90,000 kg. No matter what the tray's location is, it is perfectly reachable. This therefore means tray space optimisation, with use of the entire surface, even when boxes have different geometry, volumes or shapes. There is more: thanks to the Modula warehouse dynamic tray height storage, the spaces between trays can be minimised and boxes and containers of different unit heights can be stored with great flexibility and efficiency. With Modula warehouses, you can save up to 60% of the time it takes to prepare an outgoing load, which is very useful for support operations, for example. Throughput is ensured thanks to the internal automatic system that moves the trays. With just one click on the Copilot operator console, you can select the items you want and in just a few seconds the tray will appear in the delivery level. With some of the multiple options available, such as the LED bar or the laser pointer, you will be 100% sure not to make any mistakes when picking items. The Copilot touchscreen will also display a representation of the tray, with a clear indication of the exact position of the goods to be picked. Various companies have made Modula the fulcrum of their storage system, because it gives them real-time knowledge of and control over the quantity of stored material available. Used correctly, a Modula warehouse can help you avoid starting production and then having to interrupt it again due to a lack of materials.

Which is the right Modula for you, and which accessories should you add to exploit your automated warehouse's potentials to the full?

Modula Lift is sure to revolutionise your workflow. Over 30 years of experience and continuous research have enabled us to develop a highly technical product in which safety and intelligent design are the main focus. Which accessories do we recommend for you? Alphanumeric LED Bar, Laser Pointer, Put to Light, Tray Dividers, Partitions and Extensions and Robot Interface.


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