Warehouse automation for the Aluminium, Steel and Siderurgical industry: GF Machining Solutions

GF Machining Solutions is a world leader in the supply of machines, solutions for automation, services for the production of molds and tools and for the production of high precision components. Products range from high-speed and high-efficiency EDM and milling machines to fastening and palletizing systems, from laser machines for 3D surface texturing, to assistance services, to spare parts and consumables, up to to automation solutions.

With Modula vertical system you can manage the warehouse and all the small components

GF Machining Solutions chosed Modula for many features among which the External Dual tray delivery with the External Bay Lights and Laser pointer which could increase dramatically the picking efficiency and accuracy, also thanks to the External Bay Lights and the Laser pointer.

Modula's software platform that could interface with multiple systems on a SQL table level and its domestic service level.

The units were installed in a rate of less than one week each and it was an easy and smooth transfer of the inventory which meant zero downtime to operations and no impact to GF customers.

Since the installation of the 3 Modula MX50D, Gf Machining Solutions can put away and pick more parts per hour and with greater accuracy. The LED light bar paired with the laser pointer allows their users to more rapidly identify the location of the parts.

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