Warehouse automation for the Aluminium, Steel and Siderurgical industry: Graw

Graw has been established in 1992. The company specializes in design and manufacturing of the geometry measurement systems for railways and steel industry. Graw is a producer of the microprocessor-based portable devices for geometry control of rails, tracks, and turnouts, like trolleys for tracks and turnouts that can be fitted with GPS or laser range finder, track and turnout gauges, rail and turnout profile gauges, as well as measuring instruments for the rolling stock wheels.

Save warehouse spaces with Modula vertical automated solutions

Graw manufacturing facility is located in the center of Gliwice, without possibility of expansion of the building. The company had no place for extension of production area necessary for developing and implementation of new projects. Production warehouse occupied 70 sqm. After analyzing all the possibilities, in order to recover space, Graw decided to replace standard shelving racks with Modula VLM storage systems.

One Modula Lift VLM unit replaced traditional shelving racks. The unit was installed close to the entrance gate in an area which was not used before. This allowed to enlarge the production line. Collection of the production parts now is faster and more ergonomic. Heavy and bulky goods can be picked using telescopic bay for workers safety. Second Modula Lift unit is equipped with 2 access bays on diffrent floors to feed the production lines on different levels. This unit has been designed to store the components for future projects.


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