Warehouse automation for the Automotive industry: Ford

Ford Motor Company’s Valencia Body & Assembly Plant, located in Almussafes, Spain employs more than 8,000 workers, who produce and assemble Ford vehicle models including the Kuga SUV, Mondeo wagon, S-Max, Galaxy and the Transit Connect vans. In addition to Ford’s employees, local suppliers and companies contribute an additional 21,000 jobs in the area. The plant was established in 1973 and since has grown substantially with Ford investing $2.6 billion into operations, starting in 2011 and continuing to grow vehicle output substantially.

With the years of growth at Ford’s Valencia plant, vehicle productions lines are operating 24/7 to meet demands. In addition to previous space inefficiencies and time to retrieve parts, any single interruption to production lines or processes can cause the entire manufacturing process to come to a stop. Such delays directly impact the number of vehicles produced in a day.

The automated vertical warehouses Modulates as a buffer for the production lines

One critical need for Ford was to have needed production parts available quickly to meet manufacturing requirements all of which had to be able to be stored efficiently and presented quickly to workers.

Modula Lift VLM units are installed along various areas of Ford’s production lines and the VLM units store parts acting as a storage buffer for production needs. In this way if additional parts are needed and are not readily available from elsewhere they are able to be quickly retrieved from the Modula units, preventing the need to stop the entire production process and dramatically reducing down time. Other benefits realized include time savings to retrieve parts and workers are able to retrieve parts at an ergonomic location, where parts are presented to them.


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