Warehouse automation for the Automotive industry: Honeywell

Honeywell Automotive Spare Parts Service Shanghai Co.,LTD is a branch of Honeywell Group. Their Business scope, is to design and produce mechanical components for Automotive, like the Turbocharger.

Honeywell is using already Modula in many worldwide branches, and because of the outstanding results they decided to do the same also in their Shanghai branch.

The main benefit is for sure the saving of space, although now they have a very well organized and efficiently managed warehouse.

Modula WMS, the inventory management software ideal for all automated warehouse systems

The most challenging part of the project stands on the Modula WMS, the SW solution that Modula offers to manage VLMs as well as traditional static warehouses. Honeywell Group uses SAP as their ERP, which is physically located in Europe, and remotely connected to all their branches worldwide.

This means that all the production orders are coming from remote and can't be generated locally. So Honeywell required our WMS to work on a "pull" way, sending a request to their SAP and then getting back the order to manage, instead of using the typical "push" way, where the WMS receives the order, elaborates and sends back the confirmation of the operation.

Thanks to Modula LIFT, they succeeded to store mechanical spare parts in a closed and compact vertical warehouse with access limited to only authorized people, allowing a 60% space saving compared with their previous shelving solution. Only a very strong cooperation between Modula SW Dept and Honeywell IT dept made this happen; we were able to replicate the same work flow of all the Honeywell branches around the world, using basically a WMS Standard package.



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