Warehouse automation for the Automotive industry: Polaris

Polaris is an American manufacturer of ATVs, quads, snowmobiles and electric powered vehicles. Polaris is a leader in the motorsports industry with annual sales reaching $ 3.8 billion.

The Polish plant of Opole, the only plant in Europe, works to the highest standards, from the design phase to the production and testing phase.

In the Polish plant of Polaris, different types of components are produced for the assembly of vehicles. This is a very large stock, with items of very different weights and sizes.

The biggest problem is to safely store items with an important volume but at the same time very delicate. In fact, traditional shelving is not able to protect these mechanical parts from damage, falls, dust and humidity.

4 automated vertical warehouses Modula Lift to store the vehicle body, mudguards and tanks

To store and handle the great variety of items, Polaris has chosen to install 4 vertical warehouses Modula Lift.

The configuration has been customized to guarantee Polaris maximum efficiency:

- 2 have double internal bay, which provide a noticeable increase in productivity while reducing downtime. The waiting tray is presented to the operator a few seconds after the end of the operations on the previous tray.

- 1 has single internal bay, the ideal solution when it is necessary to minimize the surface a land occupied by the machine.

- 1 has external bay, which offers a very ergonomic working environment for operators. It is the best choice when used in combination with overhead cranes or mechanical manipulators to lift heavy objects.

Two Modula Lift stores parts intended for the vehicle bodywork, mudguards and tanks, which need to be stored after painting. To avoid the risk of scratching, the trays have been covered with soft sponge.

Two other Modula vertical warehouses are used to store the boxes for sale and external transport.

This solution conceived by Modula has allowed a more efficient and faster picking of items useful for production and an optimization of space. The goods are carefully stored, in an orderly manner and always available.

The Modula have been equipped with WMS Premium software, which allows dynamic management of the location of the stored items, but also constant stock control. All Modula have been perfectly integrated with the Polaris ERP system.


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