Company description
Valley Longwall International (VLI), a market leader in the supply of specialised equipment and allied services to the coal mining industry, VLI is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) supplying technology to the underground coal mining industry, open-cut mining industry, ports, agricultural enterprises and certain manufacturing facilities. VLI operates in Australia, China,USA and exports to China, USA, Mexico, Russia, Central Asia and India. VLI is composed
of four main technology areas, In-Seam Directional Drilling Technology and Services, Underground Diesel Technology, Bulk Materials Handling Technologies and Hire Services.

Problem description
Consolidating 2 existing warehouses and workshops into one new building with limited fl oor space for components. Many small components were stored in pull out draws and on shelving.

Solution description
Installation of a Modula Lift utilising the 7 metres of vertical space between the fl oor and the overhead crane.The Modula Vertical Storage Lift was installed in the workshop and houses many of the small parts required to build underground vehicles and is within easy reach of the workshop area. Partments: the goal has been reached!

Trays: 50
Model: MX50D with dual external picking bay
Pay load: 500kg
Height: 7100 mm
Number of machines: 1
Application: component for underground vehicles
Software: WMS Standard with Advanced Picking
Module and Remote Assisatance
Optionals included:
• LED bar
• Bar code reader
• sliding Console
ERP interfaced: SAP

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