Modula Warehouse Management System for the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Biomedical industry

Why is Modula the best choice for chemicals, pharmaceuticals and biomedical firms?

Managing logistics in this sector is not easy. Pricing policies, strict controls and cleanliness mean your companies have to adopt more and more advanced logistics solutions and complex intralogistics models. Modula warehouses are designed specifically to save time and space, and above all ensure safe operation with 100% traceability. High efficiency and productivity standards also facilitate data management and inventory control.

How is the product stored and what are the benefits?

Blister packs, boxes, phials, templates and instruments can be stored in the same Modula system using different trays or even by subdividing them across different compartments in the same tray. Products are tracked to ensure that everything is always organised and monitored. To preserve your goods, you can also set a particular temperature and add automatic doors.

For greater security, access to the machine can be controlled using a magnetic or RFID badge reader or by entering a set of credentials. During picking, the warehouse automatically proposes the tray to be retrieved, graphically indicating the point at which the operator is to retrieve it or refill it. Stocktaking is also no longer a problem: stock levels are easily monitored.

Which Modula is right for you?

Modula Sintes1 is the perfect solution for a pharmacy or a small business. Modula Lift is more suitable in production departments, where accuracy of orders and speed of delivery are central to a company's success. These are the accessories which will increase productivity: Label Printer, Barcode Reader, External Bay Lighting and Laser Pointer.


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