Warehouse automation for the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry: Sante Service

Sante Service is an association that provides a home healthcare service, oriented towards patient support and care. Their main service is to prepare and deliver medicines directly to the patient's home.

Modula vertical warehouses speed up the picking process

Before the insertion of the Modula vertical warehouses, once the order was received, the operators of Sante Service searched for the medicines placed on the shelves, picking them up manually. This search slowed down the picking process, caused several picking errors, causing work delays.
Sante Service chose Modula which allowed it to work with very short picking times, reducing the possibility of errors through an automatic and effective withdrawal of medicines, also guaranteeing stock monitoring. Orders are called through radio frequency terminals and product launches take place automatically. The operators take care of the picking, checking and counting the medicines to put them inside the containers. At this point the containers containing the articles are transported between the various departments by means of conveyor belts.
Sante Service has chosen a configuration with a double opposing bay, which allows access to the machine from two separate locations, in this way the picking and depositing operations take place simultaneously by two operators. The Modula vertical warehouse made it possible to exploit the vertical space, storing more than 1,000 references in their warehouses.

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