Why choose a Modula warehouse?

No matter what business you are in, the competition can only be beaten if you are able to offer impeccable service, the proof being a more demanding purchasing office.

The new way of selling, influenced by e-commerce, involves a change in traditional organisational techniques and also in the operational approach to handling orders from product-centric to customer-centric.

The customer is at the heart of this new buying process and, consequently, our distribution management changes altogether, and, for example, must include the processing of returns and timings.

The mantra of today is to satisfy the customer's request, whenever they want, wherever they want and however they want, and there will always be someone who can provide this service and who will therefore nab the sale. All this leads to many multichannel delivery alternatives, often combining a local physical presence with an online one.

The warehouse, with its WMS software, allows you to store everything within a surface area that is 90% smaller, and this means a reduction in site rental and management costs and a reduced need for staff to move about.
A centralised warehouse means you always have control over your inventory, products, spare parts, but you also have a historical record of what your customers have ordered. This means you can better cultivate relationships and streamline reorders or offer similar products in case anything is out of stock.

The Modula WMS system can be combined with advanced planning application software to break down forecasts into individual warehouse units. This allows you to predict what supplies need to be stocked by a shop for physical customers and how many in a distribution centre for online buyers. Get the combination right, and you can anticipate orders and reduce shipping costs.

Modula WMS allows you to optimise multi-level inventories based on location and SKU, recalculating stocks frequently, and generating coverage within the shop or distribution centre, thus arriving at the perfect calculation and optimum service level over the long term.


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