Warehouse automation for the Distribution and E-commerce industry: Internet Fusion

Internet Fusion Group is a pure play, online retail e commerce business selling surf, skate, snow, outdoor and equestrian equipment and products, clothing and accessories. They currently ship 1.6 million parcels per year.

The acquisition of additional brand websites over the last 3 years has dramatically increased the number of managed items, growing from 300,000 to over 1 million. Internet Fusion urgently needed a solution that would enable them to accommodate not just the immediate growth but the inevitable future growth from further acquisitions. Modula offered the perfect solution.

“With Modula, using only 6,000 square feet of floor space, we could create 45,000 square feet of very flexible storage space”

The investment in the Modula solution has allowed Internet Fusion to reclaim a huge amount of floorspace. Now, 50% of the stock is held in the Modula VLM’s. The speed of order fulfilment has increased dramatically, maintaining constant and stable KPI’s even through “peak” times (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc..).

Without the Modula’s an additional 7 pick staff would have been required to fulfil current order volumes. Other benefits are a reduction in operator fatigue thanks to the “goods to person” principle, pick errors have reduced, security has improved and goods now remain dust free from receipt to shipment.

How is the workflow with Modula automated warehouses?

Internet Fusion makes use of wave picking, allocating four specific storage zones for the Modula VLM’s. Each operator picks items from the zones in sequence. Time spent walking between picks is virtually eliminated making this method extremely time efficient.

For a single line order, the item is placed straight into the pack zone. Multiple line orders are picked and placed into the collation zone to await completion before moving to the pack area. Average order processing time from receipt of the order to shipment is around 30 minutes.


  • 20 Modula ML25D Lift
  • 1 operator every 5 VLMS
  • 80 % of space has been saved with Modula
  • 4,000 order lines / day
  • 250 picks per hour

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