Modula Warehouse Management System for the Electronic industry

Which products should be stored?

Modula automatic vertical warehouses are suitable for any type of product, since they can be configured for different payloads, heights, sizes and accessories, but they are often the first choice for companies in the industry, because they provide protection against light, dust and hazardous substances. There is no need to separate electronic components from the rest of your merchandise and store them in different parts of the warehouse because all products can be stored inside the Modula system. The options are endless: indeed, the goods can be divided and stored across multiple Modula warehouses, which can be installed side-by-side, or different trays can be used for different goods, or each tray can be divided into smaller compartments, with dividers and metal partitions. Even very small items can be stored in bulk, without danger of being lost. And that’s not all: when you reduce the number of times operators have to move goods, you avoid having them damaged. This allows you to effortlessly maintain high quality standards.

Modula, how can warehouse performances be improved for electrical industry businesses?

Modula warehouses are the ideal solution for businesses wanting to improve the performance of their warehouse without disrupting the production process or for anyone who wants to make drastic changes to their entire production process. They can be easily integrated into company processes and linked to existing ERP and WMS systems. Alternatively, the entire production process can be redesigned around a Modula warehouse, making it the beating heart of the company's production or distribution department.

Electronic material is secure with Modula

Security of electronic goods is often a problem too. Their average value makes them tempting to pilfering hands, and it is often necessary to protect them from theft. With automatic warehouses, you simply limit access to the warehouse or to individual trays using badge or RFID readers, or simply via a login and password. Modula warehouses provide a very safe working environment for operators. In the case of electronic materials, the ability to install an ESD protection system is very important for safeguarding goods from any electrical discharge. Also, being able to find what you’re looking for among a myriad of similar items and different codes with just one click is truly an advantage that favours faster picking operations and reduces errors.

With the electrified tray, which can only be installed on Modula Lift, trays can be powered electrically, to supply power to any material contained inside which requires an electricity supply (e.g. rechargeable lamps, computers, radios, etc.) With a 240V supply, it can be installed on a maximum of 10 trays inside the Modula machine.

What are the advantages of installing Modula automatic vertical warehouses?

A single Modula warehouse is enough to instantly recognise the advantages you will gain:

Reduced use of floor space effective use of vertical space, up to 16 metres in height. In other words, this means new space is made available on the floor for other functions, or lower rental and/or management costs.

Automatic optimisation of storage space, with dynamic tray height storage: you will no longer have to waste precious time figuring out the best distance between one shelf and the next. And above all, you won’t waste space with shelves that are too wide.

Picking throughput is increased by the automatic system which moves the trays and avoids your operators having to move around the warehouse looking for items. With the dual delivery level, wait times in production are reduced to virtually zero.


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