Modula Warehouse Management System for the Hydraulics, Pneumatics and Oleodynamics industry

What problems do hydraulic automation technology production companies have to deal with?

Companies that work in the production of hydraulic, pneumatic and pressurised oil automation technologies often need to store products of very different sizes and volumes in their warehouses. They need to handle tubes, pumps and other medium- to large-scale components, as well as very small items like bolts and mini-cylinders. Old-style shelving-based systems collect dust, and also require operators to perform risky and unnatural movements, which can be physically harmful over the long term. What's more, keeping items clean is particularly difficult especially when you want to optimise available storage space and not leave any space unused.

Why is the Modula automatic warehouse the ideal solution?

Companies including Festo, Dalmec and F.B.N. have decided to store their components using the Modula vertical technology.
Designed to make use of vertical space (up to 16 metres), Modula systems are suited to storing heavy products and various materials. The trays have a payload of up to 990 kg (which means one of our warehouses can hold 90,000 kg!).With Modula warehouses, you can save up to 60% of the time it takes to prepare an outgoing load, to speed up support operations, for example. Speedy throughput is ensured thanks to the internal automatic system that moves the trays and also guarantees very low maintenance.

With just one click on the Copilot operator console, you can select the items you want and in just a few seconds the tray will appear in the delivery level. Entering the quantity to be picked means that the Modula software keeps a record of the operation and in turn your inventory will also be much easier to control.

How can production processes be optimised with Modula?

Some companies have placed their Modula warehouse at the heart of their production process, allowing it to set the rhythm of the assembly process and management of production orders. In this way, the company is aware of, and has precise control over, the available quantity of raw materials, in real time. Used correctly, a Modula warehouse can help you avoid starting production and then having to interrupt it again due to a lack of materials.


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