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F.B.N. designs, manufactures and sells fi lters for agricultural applications, oil bath and dry air filters, hydraulic oil filters, air filters for vacuum pumps and compressors, and industrial and hydraulic filters, with the option of tailoring solutions to the client's needs. From design to delivery, F.B.N. oversees all phases of the production cycle.


F.B.N. needed to increase its storage capacity for finished products in a short space of time. To avoid extending the warehouses, F.B.N. requested that the available height be used to maximize storage capacity, while at the same time managing the fi nished product in the most efficient manner possible.


By installing 14 vertical automated Modula ML50D storage systems, F.B.N.'s merchandise is now well-catalogued, and quick and easy to retrieve thanks to the management software. By making best use of the height of the warehouses, the maximum possible storage density was.


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