Special Springs

Company description
Established in 1978 as a manufacturer of normalised wire springs for moulds, Special Springs soon became the first company in the market to offer three different standards. In the Eighties it also started manufacturing nitrogen gas mould springs, and introduced as series of 12 ground shank bolts.

Description of the problem
The company required automatic vertical stores to optimise its warehouse staffing and better control and organise the pick and place operations in its component and gas spring stores.

Description of the solution
Thanks to 3 Modula MC75D units serving the production and shipping departments, the company was able to reduce its staff in pick and place operations. Component and finished product picking is now faster, easier and
more reliable.

Trays: 180
Model: MC75D double external bay
Pay load: 750 kg/tray
Height: 12900 mm and 13100 mm
Number of machines: 3
Application: component storage
Software: WMS Standard
Optionals included
• LED bar
• automatic closing door
• separators and dividers
ERP interfaced: SAP

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