Modula Warehouse Management System for the Mechanical industry

What problems do mechanical engineering companies have to deal with?

One big problem that can affect the production process in companies operating in the mechanical sector is having to halt production because of a lack of components needed for assembly. This carries unnecessary costs in terms of time and money and a hit to the speed needed to complete the order within the timescales given to the customer. This could lead to a result which is not in keeping with the customer's requirements.

How can a Modula increase productivity?

A Modula vertical warehouse can be installed in production departments, as a buffer or to supply the production lines. Constructed with opposed bays (front & back) so that operators can load ready materials into one side of the warehouse, and assembly or production operators can pick them from the bay on the other side. When supplying production lines, reliability, speed and the wide range of automatic internal and external bays offered by a Modula system have turned out to be an essential lever for improving production performance. Modula's high storage density allows workshops to make the most of their available space, saving up to 85% of floor space compared to traditional storage methods. Being accurate and fast and having to prepare a large number of orders per hour are determining factors which require a new approach to logistics and warehouse management. Operators will no longer have to spend 70% of their time walking around looking for items and will be able to despatch a greater number of orders using visual aids (like the laser pointer or alphanumeric bar) which guide them during picking and refilling operations. With Modula warehouses, you can save up to 60% of the time it takes to prepare an outgoing load, which is very useful for support operations, for example. Throughput is ensured thanks to the internal automatic system that moves the trays. With just one click on the Copilot operator console, you can select the items you want and in just a few seconds the tray will appear in the delivery level.

A world of accessories to increase your automatic vertical warehouses' performances

With the numerous options such as the LED bar or the laser pointer, there will be no more picking errors. The touchscreen Copilot console displays a view of the tray with a clear indication of the precise location of the goods to be picked. Entering the quantity to be picked means that the Modula software keeps a record of the operation and in turn your inventory will also be much easier to control. Some companies have placed their Modula warehouse at the heart of their production process, allowing it to set the rhythm of the assembly process and management of production orders. In this way, the company is aware of, and has precise control over, the available quantity of raw materials, in real time. Used correctly, a Modula warehouse can help you avoid starting production and then having to interrupt it again due to a lack of materials. No more mistakes, no more late orders, more efficiency and more satisfied customers. 


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