Modula Warehouse Management System for the Printing industry

What are the storage problems faced by publishing industry companies?

The printing and publishing sector requires the handling of masses of items and labels. Managing this in a more precise and efficient manner seems difficult to achieve.

Protecting material from the external environment (mould, damp and dust are sworn enemies of paper!) is really complex when you are working with warehouses consisting of conventional shelving. To prevent damage, goods are packed in lots of plastic, which is not only a major expense but also prevents fast product recognition. The ladders used to reach upper levels are often a hazard for operators, and seriously slow down the production process.

Modula, an automated warehouse that helps libraries, booksellers and businesses in the industry

Modula automatic vertical warehouses are the ideal solution. No more dust, no more time wasted looking for materials, and above all no more manual stock-taking. With the aid of accessories, each operator can easily identify those products that need to be stored or retrieved. This saves an enormous amount of time and money thanks to the drastic reduction in mistakes. Each time goods are stored or retrieved, the operator is given clear indications about theoretical stock levels and can compare these with real stock levels and facilitate their alignment in the event of an inventory. Operators will no longer have to move around the warehouse to retrieve or store your goods. The products are brought directly to the delivery bay using the "goods to man" principle.

Which Modula do we recommend for you?

The Sintes1 automated vertical lift module optimises the use of available space, even when this is limited. With the aid of some devices, Modula's potentials can be increased even further. Here is some advice: Label Printer, Barcode Reader, External Bay Lighting and Laser Pointer.


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