Company description:
Danieli, an Italian company dated back 1964, ranks today among the three largest suppliers of plants and equipment to the metals industry, worldwide. They are leaders in minimills, in long product casting and rolling plants, and among the front runners in the fl at product and iron ore sectors.

Problem description:
Their main issue was to fi nd a solution in which store the spare parts useful for the production activity and dept. Previously those parts were stored in a small traditional warehouse inside the production. After inspection, the material resulted diffi cult to be managed and traced properly, furthermore the space was inconvenient for operators due to low visibility and narrow corridors.

Solution description:
Thanks to Modula LIFT, Danieli has currently solved matters such as: space availability (thanks to two Modula LIFT 6.3 m high), material traceability and stock replenishment (thanks to WMS integration, bar code, badge reader), high picking frequency (thanks to double external delivery units).

Trays: 118
Model: MC25D_MX25D
Pay load: 250kg/tray
Height: 6300 mm
Number of machines: 2
Application: spare parts storage
Software: WMS Standard
Optionals included:
• bar code
• badge reader
• automatic door
ERP interfaced: None

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