Modula Warehouse Management System for the Textile, Clothing and Accessories industry

Why should textile companies choose a Modula automated vertical warehouse?

The Fashion Industry needs ever more strategic logistics. Vast assortments of goods are needed, in terms of raw materials, accessories and finished products. Variety, guaranteed availability, guaranteed times, flexibility and related services are all aspects to be considered in the workflow. To ensure the distribution of your products is properly managed, error-free picking throughput is fundamental to achieving adequate service quality levels. In the large distribution centres of the fashion industry, automated warehouses and robots are already widespread: in fact, part of this technological revolution is linked to intralogistics. Only an automated warehouse can make your processes efficient and let you dedicate human capital to activities with added value.

What can be stored in a Modula?

No more exhausting searches for materials. With one click on a simple touch screen interface, each object is placed into your hands and your inventory is always kept under control.

At firms like Manifatture del Nord, the vertical warehouse is used to store fabrics and accessories. Use of the Modula vertical technology has enabled a space saving of 95%, freeing shelving in the old manual machine and allowing much easier, quicker management, benefiting both operators and the logistics department, which used to face a much more difficult task, with much wider margins for error.

At Xacus, on the other hand, the Modula is the place where shirts are stored before picking for order preparation.

Which Modula is right for you?

The Sintes1 automated vertical lift module optimises the use of available space, even when this is limited. It is characterised by a modern, elegant design, with external panels in plastic-coated steel, all created on a technologically advanced production line. We recommend completion with the following accessories: Here is some advice: Label Printer, Barcode Reader, External Bay Lighting and Laser Pointer and Put to Light.




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