Company description:
Since 1880, the Bertolaso Group has been designing, fabricating, installing and servicing bottling machines and systems for the wine, spirits and fruit juice industries.

Description of the problem:
The client required the materials warehouse to be reorganised to better serve production with improved tracking and reduced warehouse staff.

Description of the solution:
Modula made it possible to expand the production area by reducing the storage/warehouse space. Not only did installing the Modula vertical system reduce the space taken up by the warehouse and the staff required to operate
it, but its dedicated software increase its effi ciency with total product tracking. The operators quickly learned to use the touch screen console for managing the storage trays as well as its interface with other WMS software.

Trays: 240
Model: ML75 external bay
Pay load: 750 kg Height: 8300 mm
Number of machines: 4
Application: serving production Software:
WMS Systore Optionals included
• LED bar
• Tray side panels
• automatic motorized door
• sliding console
ERP interfaced: DIAPASON

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