Code of Conduct

The constant research of excellence of the products and services offered to its customers through the continuous improvement of new products and new technologies, the enhancement of the competences, the appreciation of the human resources, the respect of Stakeholders (Customers, Suppliers, Employees, financial and commercial Partners, Shareholders, members of Company’s Bodies, etc.), the attention for the environment, the health and safety of the working places are inspiring values of the Company. All the activities of Modula following the ethical principles of the present Code, everywhere carried out, both in Italy and abroad, must be conducted, in compliance with the applicable laws and with loyalty, honesty, integrity, Modello Organizzativo MODULA: Code of Conduct pagina 4 di 17 accuracy, good faith, transparency, efficiency and openness to the market always in accordance with the legitimate interests of the Stakeholders. All the people who work and manage for the Group, without distinction and exceptions, undertake to observe and to procure the others to observe, the present principles within the limits of their own tasks and responsibilities The Company also recognizes and endorses the principles enounced in the ONU Universal Declaration on Human Rights as well as the Conventions of the ILO (International Labour Organization).

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