Our Approach

Our automated vertical warehouses are designed to recover floor space, reduce picking time and increase the efficiency and performance of logistics processes.

Production Process

Our production facilities are fitted out with the latest production line tooling, picking stations, anthropomorphous robots and welding and laser cutting stations. These guarantee quality in our manufacturing process as well as the quality of the actual products themselves. The Italian facility at Salvaterra is a real example of a digital factory using lean manufacturing principles, equipped with “Automated In-Line Production” which guarantees high-speed, high-capacity and flexible production. Everything happens automatically. Starting with the cutting of the panels directly from rolls of sheet steel, production moves swiftly through to finished components. The possibility of producing a flow of single parts, kits or batches depends on the specific orders.

Production is managed just-in-time and monitored step-by-step by our special MPS (Modula Production System) software which we have developed in-house. This software has been created and implemented not just to manage and plan requirements linked to sales orders, but also to provide full control and overview of the progress of each order via an integrated barcode reader system and connected transport systems. MPS communicates with Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) and Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) for the automatic scheduling of work requests which are sent directly to outside suppliers and internal production facilities to manage the entire production process. This interconnection with production systems via robots and software allows us on the one hand to reduce costs and increase productivity, but on the other hand to have real-time control over the progress of each order. The designs for each of the components that go into our vertical warehouses are sent directly to the machines involved in the production process.


It all starts with the customer. After an initial overview, for each project we set up a dedicated team who will analyse the logistical requirements and advise on the best product and any available options.

Our global reach allows us to offer top-quality consultancy. Modula products are designed and created in-house by our own engineers. Production is completely automated and based on vertical processes. Installation is carried out on-site by a team of expert technicians located in various locations nationally and internationally. Our work does not end there. We provide training, continuous telephone support and immediate technical assistance.


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