Our Approach

Our Approach

Our automated vertical storage solutions are designed to recover floor space and increase productivity by speeding up picking operations and increasing efficiency in the warehouse.
Both our production facilities, in Italy and USA, are highly specialized in the production of technologies for automated storage.
Our factories are equipped with the latest in automation as far as manufacturing is concerned: from laser cutting and welding, to automated punches, brakes and presses, which allow us to guarantee optimal quality in the industrial process and ultimately our products.
We rely on partners such as Salvagnini in Cincinnati, OH, and Comau in Southfield, MI, to ensure we have the latest and greatest in manufacturing technology.

While in Italy we produce Lift and Sintes1 Modula models, in USA our lines also manufacture vertical and horizontal carousels.
For every project, after an initial on site assessment of layout and future usage of our machines, we dedicate a team to ensure all requirements are duly taken into consideration and the best model is recommended, together with options and accessories to make the best use of our technology.
Our effort does not stop with the sale of the machine.
In fact, our Customer Care and Software departments support the customer every step of the way in the correct use of our machines and their integration with any IT system.

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