What you will learn..

- Use every single function of the configurator.
- To avoid to fall in the tipical errors.
-  In creating an offer without a mistake
- To be fast and autonomous usingof the configurator

What is it about:

Through the Avatar Confy you will be guided in the exploration of the Commercial Configurator, which will show you all the functionalities of the software, the technical terms and the organizational directives for an optimal use of the tool.


What makes it special:
a) You can browse in totally indipendent way. The course will indicate you the parts that you already visite and provide you your progress.
b) You can choose if you see all the course ( the option reccomend to beginner), or only the news or jump to the quiz.
c) The quizzes have been placed in the learning plan to allow you to use your newly acquired skills.
d) The graphic design has been taken care of in order to offer a stimulating and engaging environment.


60 16 min.




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