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Academy courses are "complex" training entities. They are developed with special software that allow you to express concepts and information with different communication styles.

They can be found on Modula's e-learning platform, which allows us to control every "transaction" relevant to the individual courses. It is therefore possible to see a lit course or start from the point where we left it last time, we can see what we have acquired and much more. In short, the Academy courses have a structure described below.





From a user's point of view all this is simple and simple, thanks to the platform that simplifies and makes it possible to participate in courses.


The Academy courses are designed to encourage the use of the courses as much as possible; our designers are aware, in fact, that online learning must be "light" and engaging. In order to give an idea of which graphical styles are used to design the courses, examples are given below (it is advisable to activate the audio in order to have a complete "experience").





At the moment the Academy courses are divide to functional area. Every users be part to an area can see the relative courses of its area.



The costumer care is a one section caraterized
caraterized of technical aspects.
The every single step from installation
to assembly will show and learn
in innovative and simply way.

In the sales section you can find
can find all the courses that
you can use
in order to close sales in the
best ways and help you
to grow you knowledge.

In the Production section like
like a costumer care is characterize
of different technical aspect.

For a rapid using the courses
are been divide in many section.



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