Modula International Sales Meeting


We have just concluded the fourth edition of our International Sales meeting, an important event to bring all of Modula’s worldwide offices together under one roof.

It has been a great occasion that has allowed us to take a snapshot of our success and constant growth along with the strong commitment of all our team as we forge ahead to reach even higher results in 2017.

With the client at the heart of the new strategy, Modula will bring a new marketing and sales approach to be supported by a revolutionary CRM system, new educational programs (Modula Academy) and an even stronger customer service program.

“We don't only aim to have a happy customer, but a happy and satisfied customer that believes they have a long term, collaborative relationship with us and is proud to promote Modula to others”.

Team work, strong commitment, vision and tailor made relationship management platforms are the key factors for Modula to keep growing exponentially and achieving even bigger market share next year.

In 2016 we have celebrated many milestones, including 100 units in Spain and 200 in the USA together with the announcement of our new factory in China that will allow Modula to increase the production capability.

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