Modula is proud to announce the 30th anniversary of its innovative vertical storage solutions!

It was 1987 when System Group started working on a storage solution able to maximize vertical space. The purchase of a horizontal carousel was the kickstarter for a new project lead by Franco Stefani, owner and chairman of the group. Working closely with his R&D team, he created a new storage solution which proved to be very effective. By making it easy to store SKUs vertically, this product gained immediate acclaim as it allowed users to reduce floor space by up to 90%.

The overnight success achieved in the market convinced Modula to further invest in the development of this innovative space and time saving technology. In 1999, Modula introduced the DICO touch screen technology into this line of products. This allowed for operators to interface directly with the vertical lift module (VLM).

The high demand for this new storage equipment motivated the company to further expand its presence worldwide with the opening of a Modula branch office in the USA in 2001, followed by an office in France in 2005 and one in Germany in 2009. In that period Modula established a new production site in Italy solely dedicated to the manufacture of this excellent storage solution.

In 2010, Modula launched the flagship Modula Lift, which has become the company's most successful and flexible product to date. With its innovative features and outstanding reliable performance, it has allowed Modula to satisfy the unique requirements of customers in a wide range of industries.
Through constant investment in R&D, the Modula Lift has seen many innovations which have led it to be marketed for a variety of different product dimensions and performance level requirements. In 2011, Modula launched the Modula Sintes1, which is tailor-made for small to medium-sized applications as it is ideal for storing and picking items such as electronic components, pharmaceuticals, and tooling. In 2013 the heavy-duty model, Modula OneTon, was introduced. Each tray, in this unique product, is able to accomodate up to 2,200 lb (990 Kg) making it ideal for heavier storage applications.

The global success of these products has further fueled the stellar growth of the company. In 2015, Modula officially opened its second headquarters and production site in North America, to better serve customers throughout the USA and Canada. The full-line of Modula products can now also proudly boast, "Made in USA".

Modula’s focus on offering long-lasting and tailor-made solutions to its clients’ challenges has recently led to another innovation in the vertical lift module market: the Modula OnePick. This is the latest innovative addition to the Modula Lift.
Modula OnePick was launched during the CEMAT Show 2016 in Hannover, and introduced to North America during the IMTS 2016 in Chicago. This revolutionary VLM combines the vertical lift module's technology with a sophisticated automated system for picking and replenishing, single products at a time, directly from the access bay. This breakthrough reduces the margin of error to zero and guarantees the highest level of safety. This important milestone demonstrates how Modula stays one step ahead by listening to customers and responding with concrete solutions.

This year marks 30 years of constant progress and innovation. Modula now counts a growing team of 250 people in 2 manufacturing facilities in Italy and the US, 13 Modula branch offices in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Africa and a wide network of 45 authorized dealers.

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