Singapore and Hamburg: more and more players around the world


Modula strengthens its presence in Europe and Asia.

A new head office for the German branch of our vertical warehouses has been up and running in Hamburg since 1 November.

Increasing our strength and brand awareness is a strategic choice for such a critical market as Germany, where Modula competes with other sector leaders.

At the same time, the System branch in Singapore has decided to recruit a sales agent dedicated solely to the sale of Modula. It is essential to have a Modula representative in this important centre in Southeast Asia, where more than a third of Fortune 500 companies have offices as well as many Asian companies

The aim is to start developing the Southeast Asian market, beginning from a hub such as Singapore, where the industrial and services sectors are emerging, and where the manufacturing industry contributes to around 25% of the annual GDP.  Among the most widespread industries here are electronics, pharmaceutical, chemical, construction and shipbuilding, of great interest to the automated vertical warehouse market.

The incentives system currently enjoyed by the Singapore market encourages foreign businesses to undertake high-value production activities, thanks to the focus on investments in the field of automation and innovation in intralogistics.  It is evidence of the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP). 

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