Discover the advantages of Modula industrial carousel storage systems taking a tour across our complete set of photo and video materials, brochures and press releases. Modula products represent industrial carousels of new generation so we introduce it respectively in our library of media and document library.

Our photo and video gallery focus on main advantages of each product as well as excellence in design and engineering. Photo album illustrates perfect operational capabilities and design benefits with photo shoots of warehouse facilities featuring Modula products . Video archive offers easy and comprehensive presentation of carousel storage system with detailed yet simple review of all technical details including firsthand acquaintance with key features of each Modula product. Entire set of video materials include product descriptions, case studies and 3-D models of Modula automated warehouse projects.

Complete library of brochures and press releases will help you to clearly specify the advantages of each carousel storage product. Brochures provide extended information on technical specifications and detailed description of technologies used in industrial carousel. Collection of press releases offers informative printed materials to gather extensive information about Modula.

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