Video Case Study Ferramenta Gruppi, Italy

Warehouse Security increased and faster ROI for Tool’s distributor Ferramenta Gruppi [Italy]

With the Modula Vertical lift solution Ferramenta Gruppi increases safety and productivity of the whole warehouse. The advantages of the transition from a manual warehouse storage system to an automated vertical solution brought the company a faster ROI. 

Modula has joined the company in the important transition from a manual to an automated warehouse management. Our vertical solution solved problems of space and security: no more stairs, mezzanines, stools to reach materials and no more weight to be moved by operators.  Modula Vertical Lift Module is the ideal solution to increase safety in the whole warehouse thanks to a vertical storage system that allows operators to work to "man level" (no longer need to climb) and reduce the risk of injuries. The Vertical Storage System has also allowed the company to manage more orders  and shipments increasing productivity without cost increasing.

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