Modula in Special Springs


Modula helps the manufacturer Special Springs to reduce Warehouse Picking operators [Italy]

Discover how Modula Vertical Storage and Retrieval System helped Special Springs to reduce the number of operators involved in the warehouse picking, recovering space, increasing accuracy and productivity through a simple and efficient retrieval system.

Focused in manufacturing mechanical springs, it became the first company worldwide to manufacture three different product lines. Special Springs chose Modula in order to optimize the number of workers involved in the area storage area and to organize easier the withdrawal / deposit actions. Modula VLM is combined with zero gravity unit and with a drawew weight up to 80 kg.

Picking operations of components and finished products are now faster and easier with less chance of error, also thanks to Modula WMS sotware which is integrated with company ERP.

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Discover how Modula recover space and increase productivity in your picking operations

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