Video Case Study MT Marchetti, Italy

Zero Injuries in the warehouse with Modula Vertical Lifts for manifacturer MT Marchetti [Italy]

How to effectively prevent warehouse accidents? Thanks to Modula Vertical Storage solution the mechanical manufacture company has zeroed the risk of injury associated with retrieval of goods on shelves and the pieces are safe and remain clean inside the Modula vertical lifts. 

M.T. S.r.l. is a company which operates as a market leader in the manufacturing of static and driven toolholders for CNC turning centers and and manual tools for third party mechanical machining with a 5000 code catalogue.

When the order comes in Modula picks quickly the parts stocked and the operator take them to the assembly department in few minutes.

Thanks to Modula ergonomic bays there is no more risk of injury associated with  external shelving, warehouse and forklifts. The stores are closed by an automatic gate: the pieces are safe and clean.

By centralizing operations, Modula has transformed the workflow and became the heart of the system and the innovation start point.


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