Automated vertical storage of the parts department for the automotive industry


Automotive dealership Parts Departments today are experiencing major changes in storing, distributing and selling parts. In order to meet these challenges, many dealers are taking advantage of automated vertical storage systems to substantially improve customer satisfaction and achieve higher overall profit margins from both their Parts and Service Departments.
In the last edition of “Fixed OPS Magazine” our Automotive Dealership Sales Manager in USA, Michael Cleary, explains how Automotive Dealerships, that have implemented automotive vertical storage systems within their Parts Department, have saved time and floor space.

In an automated vertical storage system, parts are housed in a clean, secure and easy-to-access location. Operator productivity substantially increases using automated storage systems as parts are delivered to the picker at an ergonomic height, rather than having the picker go and locate items within long aisles of shelving and cabinets, and then reaching, bending or climbing to pick a part.
Vertical lift modules are fully enclosed automated high-density storage units, which contain trays that are accessed by a lifting platform with an insertor/extractor. The trays are stored in the front and rear storage areas of the units and parts are stored within the trays.

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How optimize your warehouse picking time? Through Modula’s Vertical Lift Solution! Our Vertical Automated Storage Systems helped Walser BMW to recover space and increase the productivity of the whole warehouse. Watch the video below!



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