Grand Opening: Modula sets out to conquer the East!


This past 13 November was a truly special day in Suzhou.

It was the day of the Grand Opening and ribbon cutting at the new Modula China Automation Equipment facility.

An ultra-modern facility designed on the principles of industry 4.0, on a surface of about 21 thousand square metres, and where over 1000 machines a year will be made, with around 100 employees including office workers and manual workers.

Modelled after the Italian factory, even in the Chinese complex innovation is the absolute star: from raw materials to finished product, from robotized islands to Salvagnini lines.

Over 300 people attended the inauguration ceremony, which, after the traditional Lion Dance, saw the following on stage:
- Modula President Franco Stefani
- Valeria Petroli, Deputy Trade Commissioner of Agenzia ICE - Italian Trade & Investment Agency in Shanghai
- Valtero Canepa, Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce in China
- the Consul General, Maria Ludovica Murazzani
- the representative of the Suzhou municipality (SIP)

Modula China Stefani

Their words revealed pride in the increasingly dynamic cooperation between China and Italy, two countries ever more connected economically and politically, with a clear focus on the new Modula branch, the last milestone on a path that saw entrepreneur Franco Stefani invest in the district of Suzhou already in the early 2000s.

Relations between China and Italy have seen increasingly positive trends over the past five years. Indeed, China is an essential commercial partner for Italy, both for exports and imports.

Since last January, foreign direct investments have also been favoured – operational starting in January 2020 – in an attempt to ensure a level playing field, open the country more to foreign capital, and provide greater security elements for international investors, who will enjoy equal treatment and access to the market with respect to their Chinese competitors.

Once the speeches were over, guests had the opportunity to tour the Chinese factory, led by staff who explained to them the production process of vertical automatic warehouses: lines with very high technological content equipped with anthropomorphous robots to transform flat sheet metal into finished warehouses.

Another major milestone for Modula, one that not only underpins its international footprint, but also strengthens its presence in the territory, transferring know-how and investing in countries with a high potential for growth, like China.


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