How to gain space in your warehouse: 10 Modula storage systems to store aluminum, metal and industrial components

17 January 2023

All fast growing companies eventually face the same problems. First, the lack of space and the need to better reorganize stock and provide efficient service.

When production increases and plants begin to expand and even take over storage areas, it is time to carefully analyze how to optimize work taking into consideration future growth and preventing disorder or uncertainty.

Jiangsu Tianhong Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd is a private joint venture, established in August 2007 and located in the Douzhuang Industrial Park, Yingbin Avenue, Danyang, Jiangsu Province. It occupies an area of over 26,600 square meters and with its production area of 70,000 square meters has become a benchmark as a scientific and technological company in the Jiangsu Province. Many researchers and engineers work hard to maintain the high standards required of a leading company and have contributed to the achievement of numerous certifications and qualifications such as the honor of being a member of the Jiangsu Province Machinery Industry Association and the Jiangsu Province Foundry Association.

In just a few years, Tianhong has nearly tripled orders, and thus its production needs, and only thanks to vertical storage technology it has been able to overcome the problems related to the progressive reduction of the storage space which was steadily taken over by production.

Since February 2021, Tianhong has 10 Modula storage systems to store assembly components, bearings, and sensors: with a total footprint of just 90 square meters, it is now possible to store a number of items usually requiring a surface of more than 1000 sq.m.

Learn how Modula can help you save space and increase productivity!