Modula’s Virtual Christmas Party: Distant but close


Modula's initiative to celebrate Christmas with its personnel despite the restrictions

The importance of being “agile”, meaning able to adapt quickly to change, has never been so clear.

In this difficult 2020 Modula has shown that it knows how to do it; here are just a few examples: Smart Working, video conferences to make up for the lack of in-person events, direct streaming for the presentation of new products. And, even during this unusual Christmas season characterized by social distancing, we did not want to give up our efforts.

In fact, this year Modula has invented a virtual Christmas aperitif, an innovative way to maintain tradition while ensuring maximum safety.

The event took place online on Friday, 18 December, with live streaming, offering a virtual space that allowed all the workers to gather and exchange greetings while keeping their distance.

The celebration included an internet connection, an aperitif gift box given to all workers with a gift card, some snacks, and some bubbles inside, lots of digital greetings, and the highly anticipated speech by Chairman Franco Stefani, who shared his personal message of good wishes for the year to come.

During the live broadcast, Chairman Stefani also honored and thanked 14 employees for their commitment and long years of loyalty to the company, well-deserved recognition of those who have worked for Modula for 20, 25 and 30 years.


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