Modula and sport: again Modula sponsors of the Spallanzani Handball team for the men's A2 series


Speed, innovation and teamwork are the pillars of our business and they are also the characteristics we share with the local Pallamano Spallanzani team.

In handball like for Modula thinking "vertically" is essential: being capable of changing direction, accurately perceiving space and time, as well as taking advantage of small spaces is paramount. These abilities transform not only a good player into a champion but also a product like our automatic vertical storage system into a state-of-the-art machine.

For these reasons, Modula will be the main sponsor of the Pallamano Spallanzani men's A2 team also for the 2020/2021 series championship.

This is also much appreciated by the club, as expressed by the manager, Aldini: "In a complicated year like this, having such a confirmation from a reliable partner like Modula was very important for us. Our team will proudly take the Modula brand around Italy; an example of industrial excellence and know-how from our community which is strongly tied to our values, our objectives, and our way of doing sport and has been a point of reference and an example at the national level for years now".



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