Modula automatic storage systems, the most efficient way to support business growth


The goal of every company is growth: turnover, international presence, customers.

Achieving all this is always a source of pride, but very rapid growth can also be a serious challenge.
It is always critical to outline a medium-long term plan, structuring the company so as to be competitive on the market.
One of the biggest and most common mistakes is to overlook the importance of properly organized warehouse and storage space. The tendency is to buy new facilities and fill them with kilometers of shelves, which often occurs because no true alternatives are known. This is usually a bad choice, made without considering that the time wasted by operators to find the items and move from one shelf to another is far greater than the time actually used for picking.

With standard shelving solutions workers walk long distances along aisles just looking for goods. Furthermore, moving products with the aid of ladders or forklifts is risky for both the picker and the goods.

Automatic vertical storage systems are the most efficient alternative.

The Enercon Technologies case study: How to limit storage footprint and increase picking efficiency

Enercon Technologies is an American electronic equipment design and construction company specializing in medical and scientific devices as well as military and industrial instrumentation.
Before the introduction of the Modula automatic storage solutions, Enercon operated in a production space of almost 3,000 square meters, with half of the space occupied by traditional shelving structures.
After deciding to implement an expansion project in Maine, Enercon started looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to support growth, increase storage capacity and picking performance, while reducing the storage footprint.
The winning solution was the adoption of the Modula automatic vertical storage systems.
The Modula automatic vertical storage systems with trays are used to safely store all kinds of components in a clean environment as well as to transport goods from one floor to another as a lift.

A total of 6 Modula Lifts - 2 MC50s and 4 MX50s - were installed, essentially passing through two floors of the facility.

Each Modula has 3 bays, 2 bays opposite each other on the first floor, where the manufacturing process takes place, and 1 picking bay on the second floor to feed the SMT circuit assembly line.

As supply chain director Garrett D. VanAtta states: “The Modula systems enable us to select kit components much faster. Before this upgrade, workers used to walk along numerous aisles searching items by sight at specific locations. Now the pieces are delivered right in front of them, according to the goods to person (GTP) principle."

Electronic components are very sensitive to dust, dirt and other potential contaminants and can be damaged by electric shocks. Thanks to the structure of the Modula storage systems, all parts are now kept in a safe and clean environment, and are even protected from electric shocks thanks to the installation of a special accessory in each tray: the ESD protection system.

The Modula vertical storage systems were also a valuable aid during the COVID-19 emergency: automatic picking enabled the company to rise to the challenge of the growing demand for circuits in the American pharmaceutical sector.

Watch the video and learn about all the other advantages that led Enercon Technologies to choose the Modula automatic vertical storage systems.


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