Modula automatic warehouses for electrical companies


The inventory of a company that works in the electric sector is extensive, not only electric components or small parts, but also for computer or pre-assembled systems which, in addition to occupying more space, need greater protection.
Modula automatic vertical warehouses are suitable for any type of product as they can be configured in different capacities, heights and sizes. The products can be stored in different ways: they can be divided into several Modula installed side by side; or use different trays for different goods or divide each tray into smaller compartments with metal dividers and separators. Even small part can be stored in bulk, without danger of being lost and in perfect order.

Electrified tray and ESD Protection: two support for companies that deal with electrical components

Modula Automatic Storage systems favor a safe environment for operators. With electronic materials it is crucial to have the possibility of installing the ESD protection system to safeguard the goods from possible electrical discharges. When a body comes in contact with an object charged to a different potential it can generate a discharge, accompanied by a spark, which is dangerous for the electronic components The ESD protection kit consists of a grounding point to which up to 3 protective cuff devices per operator are connected.
With the electrified tray it is possible to electrically power the material (e.g. rechargeable lamps, computer, radios, etc.). Equipped with a voltage of 240V, it can be installed on up to 10 trays inside the Modula Lift.

2 Modula Lift for Eutron, a Chinese company that produces electronical components

The core business of Eutron is the design and manufacturing of electronic assemblies in a complex an industrial environment. Eutron has many years of proven experience in the EMS (Electronic Manufacturing Services) arena, serving a variety of customers, from multinational companies up to small start-up companies in different sectors. In 2014, they decided to use an automatic vertical storage solution and installed Modula’s Lift module in May of the same year. Thanks to the Modula Lift, they have saved a lot of time with their daily operations and their efficiency has been vastly improved. They are spending less time looking for parts, and their electronic materials are stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment.
After using the Modula Lift for two years with an excellent performance record, they decided to purchase a second unit in 2016.

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