Modula easily fits into every space and every needs


Our VLMs easily fit into any industrial environment, even those that are apparently unsuitable for installing an automatic vertical warehouse.
The aim is to optimize your floor space and to serve your warehouse according to your work flow and your needs.
Existing structural constraints do not scare us: we can install Modula VLM’s of different heights and sizes: our VLMs start from 3 meters and can reach up to 16 meters in height.
Depending on the building where the Modula VLM will be installed, we can offer different solutions and strategies.
Here are some examples:

Automatic vertical warehouse positioned under a beamed roof or with a sloping roof

MEC-DIESEL, based in Turin and active since 1983, are one of the most important European suppliers of engine spare parts in the Independent Aftermarket (IAM). A variety of Modula VLMs with different heights have been installed, to allow them to maximise the height available in their existing building. 18 Modula VLMs have been installed in the Candiolo headquarters, plus a further 4 between Monza, Carmagnola and Catania.
The VLMs were installed in groups of 3, where the first and third are 9.1 m high, while the one in between measures only 6.7 m high, due to the restrictions of a roof beam preventing a taller unit being installed. The combination on one side includes 3 groups of 3 VLMs, for a total of 9 VLMs installed.
The group of VLMs on the opposite side is slighly different. Due to the sloping roof, 3 groups of 3 VLMs with different heights have been installed: one 8.7 m tall, another 6.7 m tall and the last one 8.7 m tall.
This is a perfect solution to fully optimize the height of the buildings and the space on the floor, despite the structural limits.
These VLMs manage many auto spare parts, servicing 26 stores, guaranteeing incomparable delivery times.
The same strategy has also been adopted by ATS, based in Concorezzo, who manufacture and distribute industrial gaskets, and who have installed two VLMs at different heights to overcome the limitations of the sloping roof.
Other companies like Tecnoquadri, Benzi and Idg Elettroforniture have also installed Modula VLMs in buildings with a sloping roof.


Automatic vertical warehouse outside of the building

Located in Piacenza, Casella, one of the largest manufacturers in the agricultural machinery sector and the Italian dealer of Fendt and Massey Ferguson, has created an insulated structure at their facility, suitable for hosting 2 of the 5 Modula VLMs installed.
Given the quantity of items to be stored and the relatively low building height, the insulated extension has proven to be the perfect solution, which now includes two Modula ML50 VLM Lift, both 11 meters tall. These store all the spare parts that are distributed throughout the country.
An interesting detail: a single tray of the Modula VLM, installed in the external structure, can store up to 300 different items!
Pusterla1880 also chose to install its two Modula VLM Lifts, facing each other, in an insulated structure on the outside of the building.

In Pisa, BARNINI, a company who specialize in the design and construction of spray systems for leather finishing, has built a prefab module for hosting their 2 Modula models with opposite bays, and which are also equipped with a seismic insulation system.
Meccanica Rc in Florence, Valentino Shoe Lab and Del Morino in Arezzo Pelletteria Giancarlo based in Florence also installed 1 Modula VLM unit outside the building, inside an insulated structure, while ITTEDI (Arezzo) and GEAL based Florence installed 3 units outside the building.
Other companies which have chosen the same solutions, to name just a few, are: Again Bomat, Dallan and Cesaro Mac Import in Friuli, OME Metallurgica Erbese based in Erba (CO), SUCE based in San Giuliano Milanese (MI), the METEOR PISTON based in Baranzate (MI).


Modula in a multiple floor levels and openings

Modula is not only a solution that adapts to existing buildings but is sometimes an integral part of the buildings themselves and can also form an integral part of their structure, for example becoming a connecting element between the various floors, like a real lift.
A good example is the Chinese hospital Xi'An International Medical Center where a Modula Lift MA25 model has been installed to connect the sterilization department and the operating room, with the aim of managing instruments for surgical use. The structure, 14 meters high, connects the second and fourth floors: the surgical material from the sterilization department is located on the second floor, while the bays for sampling are located on the third and fourth floors.
The same goes for the "el Mama" hardware shop, that built its shop around the Modula structure. The Modula VLM allows what is stored and prepared on the upper floor to be made available on the ground floor.
Another similar example is Enercon, based in the USA, their 6 Modula VLMs: 2 Modula MC50 and 4 Modula MX50 span two floors of the building. Each Modula has 3 bays: 2 opposite bays on the first floor where the manufacturing process takes place and 1 picking bay on the second floor which serves their SMT circuit assembly line.
Like them, many others have chosen to use Modula VLMs not only as a storage systems but also as a lift, for moving goods between floors.



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