Modula fights the waste even at the Christmas Party thanks to charitable organization “Il Melograno”


Founded in 1987, Modula’s main focus is to reduce the wasted space in warehouses and distribution centers by providing pioneering automated storage solutions.
Through constant investment in R&D, we have been innovating products year after year, by listening to customers and responding with concrete solutions.
Our smart factory is built on the zero-waste principle, and we follow the lean manufacturing approach in everything we do. During this time of year, we wanted to look for opportunities that would allow us to reduce waste, even in daily life.
We found the perfect opportunity to do just that, while helping others in need. After our Christmas party on December 19th, we donated the excess food to the volunteers of “Il Melograno”, a non-profit organization that has, for several years, been managing a small market where families in need have the opportunity to stock up food and goods for free.

“If we hold each other’s hands,
miracles happen
and Christmas day
will last all year”
Gianni Rodari

A zero-waste Christmas!

Auguri 2020 ENG


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