Modula @ MECSPE 2021


MECSPE: An edition focused on automation

MECSPE 2021, the largest exhibition on the latest technologies for the manufacturing industry, has just come to an end.

With 48,562 visitors, 2,024 exhibitors, 13 halls, 10 pavilions, 46 special initiatives and conferences to boost the recovery of the sector, the exhibition was based on three pillars: digitization, sustainability and training.


For Modula it was the first in-person exhibition in Italy in a very long time. We finally had the opportunity to show the innovations developed in the last two years: the new picking solutions Put to Light, Picking Station, Picking Cart and the integration of autonomous MiRs (mobile industrial robot) with Modula’s automatic storage systems.

AMRs, that is, Autonomous Mobile Robots, are devices capable of performing activities and moving around the warehouse independently. They can move freely within the logistics space as they are equipped with advanced sensors, artificial intelligence software, and digital mapping of the warehouse that enables them to know where they are at all times.

These robots can transport the materials picked from Modula automatic storage systems or from other storage systems. Picking operations can be done manually or automatically. MiRs are able to pick/place pallets and then move them inside the Modula storage system.


In some cases, especially when many orders have to be prepared at once, it may be useful to use a mobile put to light system, the so-called picking cart.

Picking carts can be managed manually or automatically thanks to a special "top module" equipped with a tow hook.

Moreover, mobile robots can completely eliminate the need for human presence by directly transporting an anthropomorphic CoBot (collaborative robot) which, once in position with respect to the automatic vertical storage system, will carry out the picking operations directly from the tray in stand-by at the bay. This application is particularly useful for picking individual pieces.


Modula and the Business Model Innovation prize

During the second day of the exhibition, we were awarded the Business Model Innovation prize, which recognizes the most innovative solutions in the Italian industrial arena. In addition, Modula also got to the finals for the Alliance and Agrofood categories, highlighting the versatility and multi-sector applicability of its solutions. Innovation pays off!

Special mention was given to Modula for "the drive towards innovation and commitment" in the presence of our CEO, Mr. Franco Stefani.

The 3-day exhibition was packed full of news and innovations, awards, as well as new objectives for the future. Our work does not stop with the production of automatic vertical storage systems, we want to improve intralogistics from all angles and as a result we never stop perfecting and innovating our product range.

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