Modula takes its innovative automatic vertical warehouses to CeMAT Asia


Modula looks forward to seeing you again this year at CeMAT Asia, from 23 to 26 October at the New International Expo Centre in Shanghai.
CeMAT Asia is China's biggest exhibition dedicated to industrial handling, technological automation and transport and logistics systems.
In 2018 it attracted more than 630 exhibitors and over 100 thousand visitors!

Which products will be presented?

- 1 Modula Lift MA25 4 metres high with internal bay
- 1 Modula Lift MA25 6 metres high with external bay

The internal bay is recommended in warehouses where space is particularly limited. In fact, these machines occupy less floor space and allow full use of all the metres available in the building.
Use of an external bay system, on the other hand, requires more space: it is usually combined with gantry cranes, mechanical manipulators or anthropomorphous robots. In this case, the operator will have a more ergonomic workstation.

CeMAT Asia Modula

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