Modula Team Building: ethics, value for people, excellence and involvement.


What do they have to do with cardboard cars?

The answer is in the Modula team building, where 35 of us took part in a truly fun challenge: to build vehicles that could actually work that someone could drive for at least a few metres.

Participants were divided into 5 teams, and were tasked with designing and building a vehicle using eco-friendly materials, such as cardboard, wood and water-based paints, on a well-defined budget and consisting of three stages:
- Plan and design
- Technical design with instructions and specifications
- Actual construction

At the end, each team received the project of another along with instructions for assembly.


To reflect on the idea that, in a company, we all work as a team on a single project that often goes through different departments, different minds and different hands, but the goal is always solely to achieve ultimate success with the highest-performing product.
Before the final race, using wood, hammers, spray paints and cardboard, each had to put aside prejudice and critiques to better cooperate with co-workers, respecting roles and deadlines, and bringing out the best in each other in terms of skills and vocation.

What does the Modula team take home from this experience?

Camaraderie and the ability to work as a team, the desire to share with co-workers in the office what they have learned, and the will to make each individual in each team more independent and capable in the face of clear objectives and new challenges.
Values would be merely words unless applied to everyday life: do not criticise co-workers or competitors, give and bring out the best, while trying to grow, analysing errors, giving responsibility and listening to each other, sharing strategies and goals. This is the road we want to follow to lead Modula to excellence, without losing the desire and the drive to improve every day.


Team Building


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