Modula: the evolution of intralogistics for food distribution


The biggest problem in food distribution is the speed of order preparation.

The food sector must be able to process orders as quickly as possible and the Modula automatic vertical storage systems provide both large and small operators with a highly efficient solution.

Modula vertical towers are designed to improve company intralogistics by automating the most time consuming warehouse activities.

Finished products can be stored in the Modula storage systems, ready to be picked and shipped to the points of sale. Compared to a traditional racking and shelving solution, automatic storage systems enable orders to be prepared more quickly while minimizing picking errors.

Not only that, thanks to advanced picking aid systems such as the Put to Light, it is also possible to work on different orders simultaneously (up to 12) by managing different areas to optimize picking times.

Modula WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the entry-level software package that connects the automatic vertical storage systems with company ERPs, enabling the easy management of flows and the tracking of products, locations, handling, and stock. With a simple click it is possible to know the exact location of any given item and how many pieces are available in real time.

In this way, the stock situation is always at hand, which makes it possible to anticipate or prevent any supply chain disruptions, so that new orders can always be readily processed.
Over the years, Modula has optimized its technologies to make the operator's work more fluid and precise.

Here are some accessories useful to enhance the picking phase: alphanumeric LED bar, telescopic bay, laser pointer, barcode reader and Put to Light.

This is why the Taiwanese company Jin Ding chose the automatic vertical storage systems developed by Modula to improve intralogistics.

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