Modula Wellness Area: mens sana in corpore sano


"Sport doesn't build personality, it reveals it."

This is the motto of Heywood Hale Brown which can be found in the new corporate wellness area of Modula. We have recently installed a space equipped for the well-being of our employees. Because physical activity is essential for getting better, living healthier, and expressing your personality. And because first of all, at the center of our work there are always people.

The new Wellness Area, signed by Technogym, consists of a large, 300 m2 fitness area, which is equipped with the most modern tools and machinery. Added to this is a room dedicated to Group Cycling two days a week.

This is not the first step taken by Modula to increase Corporate Welfare. In 2018, the company canteen was introduced, managed by RITMO Ristorazione.

The opening hours, reserved only for employees, will cover the lunch break (from 12 to 15) and the evening (from 17:30 to 20:30) to ensure flexibility and access for all.

Specialized personnel dedicated to training activities are always present during opening hours.

Innovation is always at the forefront, so we have equipped ourselves with an APP to manage access and reservations. This allows us to be efficient and avoid excessive crowding of the Fitness Room and to be able to reserve the bike for Group Cycling.

With Modula there is space for everything, even for sport!

Modula Wellnes


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