#ModulaFact: The growth of the Salvaterra production plant


Modula has grown significantly over the years.
To date, Modula has 4 production plants (two in the USA, one in Italy and one in China), 9 branches (the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Germany, Colombia, Mexico, Russia, India and Singapore), and more than 100 dealers scattered around the world.

It has come a long way since 1987, the year in which the first Modula storage system was developed. Since then, many objectives have been achieved, many ideas have been patented, and many customers have optimized their logistics with Modula storage systems.

Let's take a look at what has happened in recent years and how Modula has grown.

After its start in Fiorano Modenese, in 2008 Modula expanded its activities and decided to move to a new facility in Salvaterra di Casalgrande. In just a few months the facility became a production center with a very high technological content. The new plant was inaugurated in 2009, based on the lean manufacturing philosophy and a 4.0 industry approach: automation, interconnection with new man-machine interaction paradigms, digitalization.

In 2016 Modula spun off from System and the autonomous company Modula S.p.A. was established. At the same time, the construction work on the second Modula plant in Salvaterra (Italy) began. The Modula production center started to take shape in 2017:
- Building 1 was designed for the production of the Modula automatic storage systems
- Building 2 was designed to house the offices and the warehouse.

The actual transfer was completed in early 2018.
The project did not end there, however. Modula's vision of further growth is never ending. Global sales increased, as did Modula's presence on international markets, and space began to get tight. The solution was to build a new facility: in August 2019 Modula had 3 production facilities connected by two covered passages. Building 3 also came to life and started to be used to house other production processes and a second warehouse.

The 2020-2021 period has been dedicated to the reorganization of the production site's space, while an additional building previously used to stock ceramic products was also purchased. The latter will become building 4, used for storage, for the development of new projects, and even for the production of some Modula models.

The final layout is now as follows:
Building 1: production, part of the offices, and company gym
Tunnel 1/2: area dedicated to flat laser cutting
Building 2: spare parts warehouse, electrical panels department, mechanical department, other offices, company canteen, staff break area, prototyping area, and training area
Tunnel 2/3: spare parts and shipping department
Building 3: 3D laser cutting of pipes, roboformer, Dalmec kitting structures, stair welding, and shipping warehouse
Building 4: warehouse, Modula Slim production department, another training area, and R&D clean room.


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